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McSteen Designs


Stevenson Washington

Stevenson Washington needed a new logo that accurately conveyed all the surrounding natural beauty without the dated feel. I think this design succeeds in doing that without becoming gimmicky or too flashy.


Cheers Oregon

I designed this logo for a campaign designed to remind people to support local craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries. 


AMIN Conference

I designed this logo for the 2015 AMIN conference that took place in Portland. My goal was to pay homage to the Pacific Northwest aesthetic, while making it feel appropriately modern. 

Another note.. I had just moved from Minnesota, so the whole "Pacific Northwesty" aesthetic was very new and exciting. It was fun exploring that with this project.


Nectar Creek Meadery

I had the opportunity to contribute some logo ideas to Nectar Creek's rebrand. They are very inspired by honey and the bees that make them. I wanted it to fit into the artisanal vibe, since their mead is a premium product both in quality and price.



PicoLisp is a programming language that prides itself on it's powerful simplicity. It gives the programmer the tools to create complex programs with simple code. Basically, it's super efficient.

The goal was to pay homage to the previous logo, while making it clean, modern, and precise, like the language itself. 


RYU Sushi

This is a logo concept for a sushi restaurant.

I wanted to take the basic fish shape and present it in a fun and unexpected way. In the vertical orientation I think it looks like a human figure, and on it's side the two fish form a third fish. It was a happy accident that I decided to run with.

I like this one a lot.


Swag Brewery

Swag Brewery is a company I started with a good friend right after graduating from school. We were and are both slightly beer obsessed, and wanted to be part of the Craft Beer scene without investing a quarter million in a brewery. SO, with my design skills, and his business/entrepreneurial background, we decided to become the "go-to" Craft Beer gift outfitter. Since we couldn't brew beer, we decided to "brew" swag. Hence the name.


Beaudry Filmworks

Beaudry Filmworks wanted a nice solid mark. They do a lot of sports related video which was an inspiration for this very sports inspired direction. I wanted their clients to feel like Beaudry was part of the club. Or team. Or whatever.

I think this solution was a home-run. I also think we hit our aesthetic "goal". The client went wild! Woo sports!


Cairl Creative

l Creative is a social media marketing company. I wanted their logo to feel very modern and fresh, and to play off of the double C opportunity to create a hidden character. 


Colters Creek

Colter's Creek needed a few type based logo options. My goal was to provide ideas that were clean, but also had character to them. I like the one on the left. It's got a nice aged feel, not unlike a good wine.