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NRS Kayaking & Rafting


NRS - Heed The Call

There is a call to watersports that some of us hear loud and clear. NRS is the brand that hears this call. Let’s pass it on to our customers and potential customers. 


NRS - Another Day on the Water

At its core, this campaign celebrates life on the water. It shows how every day afloat is both unique and fulfilling. The campaign artfully blends the floating/boating experience, emotion, fun and NRS products. After all, a day on the water is better than a day anywhere else. 


NRS - One With the Water

There’s a Zenlike quality to life on the water. It’s mesmerizing. It’s fun. It’s the ultimate gathering place. Somewhat philosophical lines create a connection between the NRS brand and boating/floating enthusiasts. 


NRS - Water. People. Gear. Connected.

People are devoted to the water. NRS is devoted to the water. And all three things are interconnected. So why not just tell people that? The idea here, while driven by crisp, powerful design, is help make the connection for the audience. It’s about the experience, the gear, the friends. Connected.