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A website fit for the Pacific Northwest's finest burger.


I was tasked with designing the new Burgerville website. My goal was to create a responsive framework that would highlight their beautiful food and location photography.

I kept the navigation and layout as simple as possible, allowing users to view the extremely enticing food photography as easily as possible. Basically, I just didn't want anything getting in the way of users seeing that delicious Tillamook Cheeseburger. 


Examples of some of the photography I helped art direct for the website.


Social Media

I photographed and art directed social media content for Burgerville. These shoots helped Burgerville promote seasonal menu items and gift cards, both of which became much more successful with improved photography.

We pushed Burgerville to focus on the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas so that messaging felt timely and appropriate.

We also ran our Facebook ad campaign to increase page traffic, putting additional eyes on posted content while growing community of fans. Also focusing on making use of organic creative to foster engagement.


I decided to keep the content fun and natural feeling, which went over really well with BV's Facebook followers. It's relatability  was a strong asset.


Cover pages:


Promoted Posts:


Post examples:

Content for Burgerville's fall Social Media campaign. Results to come soon!


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